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Suspender Factory offers the widest variety of belts you’re likely to find. We offer a rainbow of solid colors and stripes, as well as printed styles that cater to almost any interest, hobby, or trade. Our belts are adjustable and come in a range of sizes to fit just about everyone. They come fitted with high-quality buckles, which are available in various finishes. Our line consists of four major categories, which are: 1-1/4” cotton belts, 1-1/4” poly belts, 1-1/4” printed belts, and 2” printed workbelts.


1-1/4” cotton belts are the traditional “military” style belts. These timeless classics come in the widest range of colors of any of our belts. We offer buckles in nickel, brass, or black finishes, which we select based on belt color.


1-1/4” poly belts are made of a tightly-woven synthetic material which has a distinctive sheen. They come in a variety of colors, which are again paired with buckles in nickel, brass, or black finishes.


1-1/4” printed belts are made from poly material, and imprinted with an assortment of designs that would be tough to beat. Everything from trades, to hobbies, to holidays is represented here, so there is a little something for everyone. As always, we offer a variety of buckle finishes to match.


2” printed workbelts are printed poly belts, made to get the job done. These get the call for industrial-strength applications, like supporting that heavy tool pouch. They come standard with performance-proven hardware for function and dependability. And because they’re from Suspender Factory, you can be sure that we carry a design that’s just your style.


Suspender Factory is your one-stop shop when it comes to web belts. Whether you’re working hard or hardly working, we have the right belt for you.

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